major label case study

This paper should be about 4 to 5 pages… Thank you in advance

As a refresher, here is Kelly’s situation:

Kelly Albin is a singer/songwriter who has been actively performing live events regionally for the past five years. She has a good following of fans and has sold about 10,000 records at her gigs. One of her songs has been recorded by a very popular band that is breaking big. Kelly has interest from a major label.

Here is additional background:

The record label that is interested in signing Kelly is also interested in representing her publishing interests.

Read chapter 16 of the Passman book, and consider what we have covered in this lesson. Please write a paper that addresses the following questions:

  1. Should Kelly pursue the publishing deal with the major label?
  2. What other publishing options should she be looking into?
  3. In addition to working or not working with a third-party publisher, what other organizations should Kelly affiliate herself with, and why?
  4. What other edge-case scenarios based on the Passman reading should Kelly be aware of?

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