m1 grand challenges homework

This assignment is meant to help you get a better picture about the engineering grand challenges, and to help you start thinking about what engineers do (outcome 1.3.h) Write a 400 word essay (Times New Roman, font size 12) that describes how the engineering discipline you plan to pursue or are interested in can help solve ONE of the engineering grand challenges.This homework should be done individually.You must read the document on “Engineering Grand Challenges” before you can start your essay. You must include at least 2 sources for this assignment (the Grand Challenges book or website should be 1). Please cite these sources using MLA format, to the best of your ability. Otherwise it is considered plagiarism and will result in a zero. Please type this in a word document and attach the file to the assignment when you are ready to turn it in. Do not type directly into the website as a text submission.

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