literature review 149

– Literature Review (4 pages)

– The topic is : what made the war in Yemen?

– I will upload 3 files that related to the topic, you have to read it to understand the project.

– A lit review is basically organizing and grouping information from the literature. It has nothing to do with your own thoughts and opinions.
You group concepts together and state their relation.

– LITERATURE REVIEW) Using your selected and approved literature (e.g. the articles you selected and annotated in assignment 2), write your literature review. The literature review is a detailed analysis and synthesis of the selected literature. You will chain the articles together tell your reader about what is known in the literature on your topic. ï‚· Each review should describe in detail, the strengths and weaknesses of the author’s study and the contributions to the literature each article makes. ï‚· Each review should be seamlessly integrated and compares and contrasts the 6 characteristics of each study while building the foundation for your study. There should be a synthesis and chaining. ï‚· Your concluding paragraph will summarize the relatedness of the studies and their contributions and how they contribute to the foundation of which your analysis will rest. ï‚· Your literature review is a seamless chained narrative document consisting of paragraphs organized around topics (sub-problems) of your research not around authors in any order. It is not a chronology of studies nor is it your annotations.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you demonstrate applied learning specific to the discipline of political science. It will demonstrate your ability to read and understand the literature, identify, integrate, and synthesize ideas, understand applications, methods, theories, and approaches, demonstrate knowledge and intellectual comprehension, and build your skills communicating clearly and effectively. Moreover, it will expand your information literacy skills-set.

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