KZZ Week 3 And 4 Response

Influence (kazzy)

A 78, year old man is a retired banker whose wife died several years ago. He is able to perform all ADLs but needs help with meal preparation and transportation. He lives in a deteriorating neighborhood and no longer feels safe. He does not want to live with family members or completely give up his independence. What housing options would be appropriate for him? Why? What advantages would such housing options offer over living alone?


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· Your response should be 70+ words

· Read the scenario and the post below, then respond to it

· Response should ask for clarification or describe a situation that illustrates the points being made. Simply agree or disagree and state why you agree or disagree

Due to his ability to perform ADLs and not wanting to give up his independence, he has a few housing options to choose from. Some housing options available to him are independent living communities or continuing care retirement communities. Housing choices can range from apartment-style living to single-family homes. These communities can help him maintain his independence, provide a safe environment, and allow him to socialize with others. Many advantages come with independent living facilities, such as maintenance-free living, proper nutrition, increased social interactions with others around his age, transportation, exercise classes, pools, parks, education classes, and many other amenities. I would educate him on the benefits of these communities to help him understand that he will not have to give up his independence while still living in a safe environment. Independent living facilities offer a wide variety of care options based on health needs. As he ages, his health may begin to deteriorate, and he may require assistance with his medical or daily activity needs. Independent living offers the flexibility to create your options while still maintaining control of your everyday life. All in all, an independent living facility will provide a safe and secure environment, help maintain independence, and improve his overall quality of life.



Scenario: Family An 83, year old woman is recovering from pneumonia. She has Alzheimer’s disease and has become increasingly hostile and unmanageable in the home setting. Her 65, year old daughter is distraught about the idea of placing her mother in a long-term care facility but feels she is not able to care for her. What is your role in this situation? How might you help the daughter with her decision? What information would you give the daughter?


· Your response should be 70+ words

· Read the scenario and the post below, then respond to it

· Response should ask for clarification or describe a situation that illustrates the points being made. Simply agree or disagree and state why you agree or disagree



My Role in the Situation

My role is to gather enough information concerning Alzheimer’s disease and how to care for a person suffering from the disease. I will help the patient’s daughter identify available options for the mother by evaluating the resources at their disposal towards palliative care. Coming up with different options will make it easy for the daughter to decide on her mother’s care during her last days. Taking the daughter through the advantage and disadvantages of each available option to help her make an informed choice not only for her mother but also for herself. According to Meiner and Yeager (2018), having a care plan is very important as it helps prevent family conflicts when caring for a patient. I will support the daughter in creating a written plan that specifies the roles of those involved in the care of her mother.

Help with Decision Making

It is painful when a person close to you does not recognize you, and in this case, it is her mother. Placing one’s parent in a long-term care facility is not always easy; it takes up many emotions and guilt as people feel that they are not making the right decision most of the time. As a professional nurse, I will help the daughter deal with her emotions as she takes care of her mother. I would ask the doctor to make a referral for the daughter to speak to a social worker or case manager. I would give the daughter different types of long-term care facilities her mother could live in.

Additional Information

I will inform the daughter on what to expect as her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease progresses. I will also advise her to keep seeing her friends, have an active life outside the facility, and take care of her mother. All these are meant to encourage the daughter to take care of herself in the long run, thus avoiding emotional distress and being burnt both physically and mentally.