kim woods module 5 assignment




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Directions: Please answer each of the following questions.  Please ensure that your responses are at least 3 to 5 sentences in length.




1.      Why can there be greater genetic diversity within a gene pool than in an individual organism?




2.      List four processes that can lead to local, genetically distinct populations.




3.      How is a clone developed?  What are its benefits and drawbacks?




4.      What is the role of a genetic counselor?




5.      What were eugenics laws?  List two facts about human genetics that the advocates of eugenics failed to consider.




6.      List five assumptions about the nature of living things that support the concept of evolution by natural selection.




7.      Why is sexual reproduction important to the process of natural selection?




8.      How might a harmful allele remain in a gene pool for generations without being eliminated by natural selection?




9.      Distinguish among stabilizing, directional, and disruptive selection.




10.    Why is genetic drift more likely in small populations?  Give an example of genetic drift.








Directions: Write a 1 to 2 page, double-spaced paper in 12 pt. font in response to the following question.  Find one article using AAU’s LIRN (library) to use as support.  Please use APA format.  Please visit the Academic Resource Center for an effective guide on how use LIRN and for concise APA guidelines.








You will be writing a paper on cloning.  What would be the benefits of human cloning?  Explain your views on the subject matter.  Why are you for or against cloning?  Explain.




Note: Please click here to use this specific article to help you in your explanation.