Innate versus Acquired Immunity Presentation

Innate versus Acquired Immunity Presentation

Samuel Merritt College

School of Nursing

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N 119 Pathophysiology


Immunity, Inflammation and Hypersensitivities

Case Study # 3



Group Members:  _________________________________


You’re a nursing student developing a presentation for your class.  You instructor has asked you to present on immunity and the immune response.  The following areas are to be covered.


  • Differentiate between innate and acquired immunity.
  • Differentiate between humoral and cell-mediated immunity
  • Discuss each of the antibodies including major functions and how they are produced in the body
  • Discuss the differences between the primary and secondary immune responses.
  • Describe the different types of T cells and their functions


Each section of your presentation is worth 4 points.  What information would you share with your classmates?