Individual Organizational Behavior


Individual Organizational Behavior

As part of course set-up, your instructor will post your exam questions to the Weeks 1, 2, 3, and 4 Submissions Area/grade.

For Week 1, the question will be focused on an Individual Organizational Behavior scenario.

For Week 2, the question will focus on a Group and Team Dynamics scenario.

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For Week 3, the question will focus on an Organizations, Leaders, and Global Environments scenario.

For Week 4, the question will focus on a Research Proposal scenario.

You may complete the exam questions in any order. The questions are posted to the different weeks to help organize them for you. All responses are due by the end of Week 4. Post your response back to the corresponding week/Submissions Area for the question (for example, post your Individual Organizational Behavior question response to the Week 1 Submissions Arearegardless of when you complete it).

Exam responses are not team projects. You are expected to do your own research and compose your own response without assistance from others.