Immune System

Immune System

Immunology Quiz-4                                                Each answer is equal 0.1 points (5 points – maximum)

Lectures 10,11,12,13

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True or false?

  • RF and IgG join to form immune complexes
  • Cryoglobulins are antibodies that precipitate on cooling of a blood sample
  • Autologous transplantation is transplantation between two human individuals that are not relatives
  • Allotransplantation elicit the strongest immune response and rejection
  • Identical tweens are 100% immune-compatible donors
  • In xenotransplantation, human natural antibodies recognize galactose-alpha-1,3-galactose on transplanted animal organs and tissues
  • Acute rejection begins as early as 1 month after transplantation
  • Chronic rejection is long-term loss of function in transplanted organs via fibrosis of the transplanted tissue’s blood vessels
  • Low expression of MHC class I molecules is one of the mechanisms of immune privilege
  • Pancreas is immunologically privileged organ
  • Primary immunodeficiency results from genetic mutations
  • HIV causes primary immunodeficiency
  • Complement defects can result in type 1 diabetes
  • Patients with phagocyte disorders have largely functional immune system
  • Malnutrition is primary cause of secondary immunodeficiencies
  • The immunosuppressive prevention of transplant rejection may cause immunodeficiency
  • the repeated use of monoclonal antibodies will elicit immune response against them
  • HIV destroys CD8+ T cells
  • Anti-HIV antibodies are not effective
  • Usually HIV seroconversion takes place within few months after initial infection