human sexuality in psychology discussion questions

Please answer each question individually in paragraph form with at least one reference.

1. The textbook readings for this topic discuss how sexual attitudes and values varied among cultures throughout history. These attitudes and values were shaped by various influences. What are your personal attitudes and values in regards to sexuality? What influences have shaped those attitudes and values? Are the influences that have shaped your attitudes and values toward sexuality different than the influences that shaped your parent’s or grandparent’s generations? Explain.

2. How would research on sexuality benefit various groups, religions, and cultures? How could research on sexuality benefit society? Explain your response.

3. Explain how you could use the information contained in the Masters and Johnson Human Sexual Response Cycle and the Kaplan three Stages of Sexual Response in your work with clients. In your response, include a clinical scenario to illustrate your points.

4.Why is it important for counselors to understand the similarities and differences between the sexual response cycles in men versus women?

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