human behavior 4

2-3 page paper along with a cover page and references sheet. Must be 2 scholarly references, APA guideline. Each part of question must be answer, Part 1 has its own cover page and references sheet. Part 2 have it own cover page and references sheet. In-text citations, proper grammar and punctuation marks. Use correct sentence structure. Please number the question with the answer.

Part 1:Read Case 1.1: “REI Tells Employees to go Outside” Answer the following questions:

1. How does REI leverage its social and environmental stewardship to attract and retain top employees?

2. Explain how REI uses social media to communicate its organizational culture to employees, co-op members, and potential new hires?

3. Self-Reflection: How does this case interplay with your professional experiences?

4. How does REI’s philosophy support or disconnect with your leadership style?

Part 2:Read Case 4.1: “The Human Cost Associated with Our Electronic Gadgets. Answer the following questions:

1. Think of the initial impressions you formed of Foxconn as you read the case. To what degree did stereotyping influence your thoughts?

2. How much did the additional information about the firm change your initial impression?

3.. While the manual labor of assembling electronics is challenging for Foxconn employees, the workers may also face emotional burdens of being away from family and isolation from the outside world. How might management recognize and help employees constructively cope with these challenges and emotions?

4. From chapter four, how could the discussion on stress lead to organizational errors?

5. Should leaders be concerned with how stress impacts an employee?

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