how charter school reform might help alleviate systemic inequities

  1. make an argument for how charter school reform might help alleviate systemic inequities by using Social capital theory or Cultural Reproduction Theory by Pierre Bourdieu. Use the theories, research, articles and the video i upload to make your argument. Note that readings can be used multiple ways: to support, explain, or refute claims and ideas. The essay needs to address the problem on both sides : a) there is a problem(s) in charter schools system, and b) Charter schools can make a difference on alleviating systemic inequities. Note: You do not need to “fix” the entire education system in 6 pages. Just choose one thing to focus on and make an argument about how it can help improve the state of affairs.
  2. i will also upload lecture ppt for u to better understand the theories but ONLY USE IT IN THE ESSAY IF NECESSARY TO ADDRESS THE THEORY , other than that, 5 articles i uploaded all need to be used and quoted in the essay.

video need to be addressed:

Tale of Two Schools: Race and Education on Long Island

here are the list of all materials:

Lecture PPT (optional to be included in the writing)

5 articles (mandatory to quote)

2 video (mandatory to mention)

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