government 2305 3

1/ Have to be able to access Blackboard from your coumpter in order to do the assignments.

2/ All Activities and tests and Quiz will online.

3/ The post-quiz will require using the Respondus Lockdown Browser.

Install on a personal computer:…

06/07/18: Orientation Deadline: 9:55 PM on Thursday

very simple Orientation Quiz about the class.

Unit I – Deadlines

9:55 PM on Wednesday – 06/13/18: Activities for Chapters 1-8 Due

There are 8 chapters in each chapter there is 5 activities Quiz and it has post-quiz will be limited to two attempts. There will be 20 randomly generated multiple-choice questions for each post-quiz. Each attempt will have a 15 minute time limit.

9:55 pm on Wednesday – 06/20/18: Unit 1 Essay Due

two pages essay.

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