globalization discussion

As you read the book, in each chapter select one idea that you found interesting. Here in this Discussion (for that chapter), write this idea in your own words.

Provided below are detailed instructions:

This assignment concerns Chapter 1 of Steger’s Globalization (3rd edition) book – “Globalization: a contested concept”. Please read through the chapter. There are several ideas and examples that are discussed in order to comprehensively qualify/define globalization. Choose any such idea and express your opinion on this idea in your own words in this thread. Expected word limit – 150 words minimum. It will be graded out of 10. Since this is your subjective opinion of the idea, key criterion of grading is how well you discuss, substantiate the idea and/or give examples from current affairs.

Attached are documents with few examples of previous responses and the chapter required to be discussed from.

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