Genetics in Human Behavior

Genetics in Human Behavior

My topic will be about

The role of genetics in human behavior.


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projects, the project should be between seven to 10 pages.

Double spaced and that does not include your references and everything has to be an APA format and you guys know the APA now as version, seven out, 12-point time new roman font, doble space

  • You need to summarize what we know in the last four to five years what’s been going on in this in this topic as far as the research is concerned.
  • A of minimum of 10 scholarly references you are getting a research journal.
  • read the article and summarized then and tell us what it basically what it says, you are going to use 10 different articles for this review and then incorporate that into your review. You need to have incite text
  • you also need to have a reference section at the end.

No books, no magazines no web sites.

All references have to be from 2016 or newer.

APA formatted reference section