fraud triangle and red flags paper

Option #1: Fraud Triangle and Red Flags

Read the following case study and respond to the questions that follow: Mehta, A. (2016). Toshiba: Accounting fraud. Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation. Retrieved from

Analyze this case using the three elements of the fraud triangle. Address the following four points in your response:

  1. What potential pressures existed that may have contributed to Toshiba’s accounting fraud?
  2. Who should be held responsible and how could they rationalize or justify their actions?
  3. What are some of the symptoms suggesting that fraud existed before the whistleblower report?
  4. What strategies and safeguards can Toshiba implement to prevent this from repeating?

Please submit a paper in a Word document of THREE to five pages in length, not including the title and reference pages. Cite at least two resources supporting your responses, other than the course textbook.

Please follow the APA guidelines and rules in the document that I have uploaded.

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