final project milestone two hardware components

In Milestone One, you determined your company’s general hardware and software needs. Once those needs are established, how do you determine the specific hardware components needed to complete a task for a particular type of business or organization? As you complete this milestone, recall the material discussed in the last milestone assignment.

The purpose of the milestone activities is to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions. You will receive feedback from your instructor based on the rubric. Be sure to incorporate your instructor’s feedback into your final project.

Note that you will not require feedback on previous milestones to complete the next one. However, for your final project, you will need to incorporate all instructor feedback that you have received. Also note that you will cover most of the final project’s critical elements in the milestones, but there are two sections of the critical elements that you will not address until your final project submission in Module Seven.

To complete this assignment, review the Milestone Two Guidelines And Rubric document below:…

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