final essay 15

  • Your essay should be divided into separate parts; each part should respond to the appropriate set of questions. Make sure you specify which section you are writing about?
    • Example
      • Part 1:

    First- write the question (copy/paste)Then- your responsePart 1

  • After taking a philosophy class, you, a well-mannered student, began asking some difficult questions from your parents and friends about the meaning of life.
  • Part 2
    From childhood on you have been told who you are, how the world works and how you must operate in it if you wish to be successful in it. You were told what to think and feel; what foods to eat, what sort of people to associate with, what music you should listen to, what books to read and what words to use. In short, you have been told the good and the bad, the right and wrongs of things. Failure is pursuing what is bad and success is the result of pursuing the good.
    Part 3

    Meet your trainers, the people who have trained you how to behave, think and live well: your parents, teachers, lawmakers, politicians and religious leaders. These people have inherited their “wisdom” from their parents, teachers, lawmakers, politicians and religious leaders.

  • Part 4You have been told that you are intelligent and have sufficient decision-making power. But upon closer examination you come to realize who and what you are is the product of your trainers: parents, teachers, lawmakers, politicians and religious leaders.
  • Part 5
    Eric, 45, is married to Joanne, 43, and they have three teenage children. They have been married for 20 years. Generally speaking, they have a pretty good marriage, except for their sex life. Although they both know it is poor, they don’t discuss it very often.
    Over a period of several months Joanne notices a change in Eric, and finally asks him if there is anything wrong. Eric blurts out that he has been seeing someone for several months and may even be in love.
    Joanne is so angry and hurt that she immediately demands that he leave the house and states that she wants a divorce. They both refuse to seek help such as therapy or marriage counseling. Eventually, divorce ensues at a great emotional cost to Eric, Joanne and their three children.
  • Part 6
    Here is your final task. Your success or failure in this class is not defined by a letter grade, but rather, how self-reflective and self-aware you have become through the readings, lectures, in-class discussions and the essay you have written. To put your self-awareness to test observe the following:

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