few questions about films article video

1). What argument does the film make about the representation of women in the media (respond in one paragraph):

  • What is the film’s CLAIM about how women are represented in the media?
  • What is the film’s CLAIM about how this representation affects women?
  • Include at least one piece of EVIDENCE from the film to support your response.

2). Seven years have passed since the film was made. In our current day and age (2018), does the film’s argument still resonate? (respond in one paragraph)

  • Explain your response to the film’s argument, and explain whether or not the argument is still relevant today.
  • Include at least one piece of evidence from current examples of media to support your response.

PART 2: The following question is based on your reading of the Time Magazine article “The Revolutionary Power of Black Panther”

3). According to the article, WHY is the film Black Panther significant? (respond in one paragraph)

  • In your response, cite one piece of EVIDENCE from the article.
  • Also, be sure to make a connection to our current unit on media representation and WHY representation matters.
  • If you have seen the film, share your own response. Do you agree with the article’s viewpoint?

PART 3: According the article “Media Framing Effects” linked here (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., why do words and messages from the media matter? (respond in one-paragraph).

4). In your response, explain the point that this article is making about how the media frames specifically the Muslim demographic in our country, and why this matters. Cite one piece of EVIDENCE from the article to make your point.

5) VIEW the short video on “cultural appropriation” by Amandla Stenberg and respond: According to Stenberg, what is cultural appropriation, and why does it matter? What is her specific point of view on when it is not okay to appropriate another cultural group’s culture? Do you agree with Stenberg’s argument? Provide your own example to support your response.

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