factoring polynomials 20

Through chapter 5 of the text we looked at using the exponent rules in multiplying polynomials. In chapter 6 we are factoring polynomials which is closely related to multiplying polynomials. We use the factors of a polynomial equation, along with the zero-product property, to find the solutions to the equation.

  1. Complete these sentences:
  • A factor is ______________________________________.
  • To factor a polynomial means to write the polynomial as __________________________.
  • We can check that we have factored a polynomial correctly by _____________________.
  • The degree of a quadratic polynomial in one variable is __________.
  1. From page 468-469 of the text, choose a quadratic (or higher degree) equation from numbers 43-72. (Be careful, not all equations on the pages are quadratics or higher!)
  2. Use the exercise number as the title of your post so that it can easily be seen which exercises have been used: failure to do so may result in non-acceptance of post
  3. Do not use an exercise that has already been used: repeating an already used exercise can result in non-acceptance of post
  4. State your exercise as written in the book.
  5. Write your equation in the appropriate form if applicable.
  6. Using the 7-step factoring strategy on page 461 of the text: Show and explain each step in the process of factoring your quadratic. List each step and explain how/why it does/does not apply to your exercise.
  7. Once factored, demonstrate/explain how to use the zero-product property on the factors to find each solution.
  8. Show/explain how to check each of your solutions in the original equation.
  9. State your solution as a solution set

pg 469

69. (x − 1)(x + 2) = 18

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