Explorations In Leadership

ITGS 400 Explorations in Leadership

Required Texts:

Read Mandela Part 10

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Mandela, Nelson. (1995) Long Walk to Freedom. New York: Little Brown and Company Paperback. ISBN: 0-31654818-9. (Make sure that you have the full version, not an abridged version, otherwise you’ll not be able to complete assignments).

Response to Materials

Assignment Instructions:

  • Do not delete the questions – simply indent your answers to retain the numbering system.
  • Use a formal writing style and proofread for correct use of language.
  • Write a short paragraph for each question, addressing each of the points mentioned.

The aim is generally threefold:

  1. to demonstrate your familiarity with the course materials. Provide as much information you consider necessary to achieve this end. Cite the page number in the text where you found the information using this format: “(Mandela, 2012, p. 5)” and for films, cite the director and date e.g., “(Attenborough, 1982)” or in the case of my own instructor videos, “(Woodward, 2007)”. For the book, check what date your edition is on the front inside cover, it might be the original from 1995, or a later publication. If you have an audio book, it likely states the publication date somewhere.
  2. to think critically about issues and comment on them
  3. to self-reflect on your own development of leadership to date and potential for the future. This is considered in a much broader sense than leadership within any official position and includes day-to-day lifestyle.

Mandela: Part 10

1. (A) A Nobel Prize was awarded to which South African, bring international attention to the country?

(B) Comment on the importance of awards in providing exposure.

2. (A) What was the core of Mandela’s response to President PW Botha’s offer of freedom based on the renouncing of violence?

(B) Who read Mandela’s response publicly at a UDF rally?

(C) Comment on how you might be a voice for someone who is voiceless.

3. (A) What milestone secret events began happening once Mandela was separated from the other prisoners and kept alone?

(B) Comment on how you think Mandela handled matters during this period.

4. (A) Describe Mandela’s last prison home before becoming a free man.

(B) Comment on the changes that took place and the ideological directions Mandela was taking.

Mandela Film

Movie: Mandela Part 1 https://hml.ewu.edu/player?autostart=n&fullscreen=y&width=720&height=480&videoId=3692&quality=hi&captions=n&chapterId=0

Movie: Mandela Part 2 https://hml.ewu.edu/player?autostart=n&fullscreen=y&width=720&height=480&videoId=3698&quality=hi&captions=n&chapterId=0

5. (A) Describe a few people in Mandela’s life of whom you became more aware through this film, explaining what roles they played.

(B) How did Mandela interact with them?

(C) Having watched the film, explain your perceptions of Mandela working as an individual or working as part of a team.