Examination of The Durkheimian Approach

Examination of The Durkheimian Approach

1st section: Reconstruct and elaborate upon Émile Durkheim’s conception of mechanical solidarity, organic solidarity, and anomie. What does Durkheim say about the social integration of individuals into their society? You must reference Durkheim readings from the course to support your points.

2nd section: Illustrate this theoretical approach with a historical or current event/phenomenon from a published material–such as a book, academic article, newspaper or media source. It is required that you cite the source. Personal anecdotes are not allowed. You will put Durkheim’s approach to use in understanding/explaining an event/phenomenon. Attention: this section is not about speculation–it should approach real, empirical phenomena. ‘

Some ideas for the 2nd section: you could look at everyday interactions that people have with other members of society; how people are interconnected (and/or can become disconnected) through work, institutions, organizations, relationships, families, markets, religion, culture etc. You must use Durkheim’s approach productively to think about a concrete example and with genuine insight1)

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1)Accurately and thoroughly examine Durkheim’s approach from this part of the course. 2) Make references to the relevant course readings to support the points that you are making. If the paper does not engage with a Durkheim reading, it will receive a low grade. 3) Have citations and include a reference page. The vast majority of your citations need to come from course readings. 4) Explain the concepts clearly – keeping within the 900-1,000 word limit. 5) Have a title at the top of your paper, and a subheading for your section 2. References: In your reference page you should cite the course readings and any outside reading source you have used. If you use an outside reading source and it is online, be sure to include the URL. Any reference style is fine (such as APA, MLA, Chicago), just make sure you stick with one single reference style throughout the paper. Check how to write references on the UCLA library website- begin here Length: Your paper should be between a minimum of 900 words and a maximum of 1,000 words, font size 12. Single or double space is fine

https://ia801602.us.archive.org/32/items/in.ernet…. Please reference this as a part of the course readings