evaluate arguments


  • The assignment contains two texts: an office memo and a letter to the editor.
  • Each passage contains logical fallacies of various types, which you will identify.
  • As you identify each type of fallacy, explain and justify your response using definitions and accounts of fallacies from assigned readings.
  • Finally, for each text, choose any two fallacies committed and explain how the fallacies could be avoided. Construct a sound argument to persuade the reader through cogent, logical reasoning.

Additional Instructions:

Create a 4 page assignment in APA format. Use 4 academic sources, in which one will provided for you. Be sure to use in-text citations.

Given source to use: Moore, B. N., Parker, R. (2017). Critical Thinking, 12th Edition.

Special Instructions:

The Office memo and the Letter to the editor will be in the drop file box below.

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