essay reflection on what we learned in english

The final exam will be a 3-4 page, MLA-formatted course reflection with in-text citations. In this essay, you will reflect on what you’ve learned in this course and what you’ll take with you into more advanced study and your professional lives.

This essay is an essay on what I’ve learned during this course. We’ve learned a lot of different writing techniques and my teacher wants us to express and reflect what we’ve learned throughout the semester and why it is important to us. There are a lot of different sources I will give you.


o You are required to use a minimum of FOUR DIFFERENT sources in the essay and a minimum of ONE citation in EACH body paragraph.

o Outside sources are not to be used for this essay.

I have provided the assignment details down below. I will also provide you a lot of different sources for you to work with, but you only need a minimum of 4 and also one used during each body paragraph.

This is my final essay and my grade is very boarder line in this class, so if you are going to pick to do this essay please do it right with correct citations, MLA formatting, and correct use of subclaims with backed up evidence.

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