essay 1625913 2


Proposal Argument




Learning Outcomes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5




Your task for this assignment is to compose a 2100-2400 word original academic essay in which




you write about a current social, ethical, or environmental issue that concerns or interests you—




discuss what the roots of the problem are and how education or your field of study can also help




rectify the issue and provide solutions for it. If you like, you can use part of the information you




worked on in Essay 3, re-work it, and incorporate it into your Essay 4, if your topic is similar in




nature. However, you can NOT just copy and paste pages or paragraphs from your Essay 3—a




substantial revision between Essay 3 and Essay 4 has to take place. In other words, although you




may work on a similar topic as you did in Essay 3, the purpose and the nature of the assignment




are different: Essay 3 focused on critique and analysis, while Essay 4 focuses on proposed




solutions. You cannot write about broad topics such as global warming, or alternative fuel




solutions, unless you have something insightful and realistic of your own to propose. Choose a




topic that is more specific. In the beginning of the essay, describe what the problem is and




establish the scope of the problem and the sources of the problem; you will then propose




solutions to the problem. You can choose any social, ethical, or environmental topic that interests




you. In this essay, you are also required to use at least three outside academic sources, plus two




readings from the class reading list, and at least one film or podcast lecture. In other words, you




need to have at least six (6) sources. Finally, you should include a graphic image, such as a




spreadsheet chart that illustrates data, in this assignment




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