discussion post 161

“Audio and HTML5” Please respond to the following:

  • HTML5 supports several formats of audio. However, there is no single format that is compatible with every browser. Analyze two different ways that this issue can be addressed. Select the best solution for this issue and explain why you chose it.
  • Suppose that you just completed a new home page about your trip to New York with audio content embedded in the Website. Your friend visits the site, but does not hear a sound. Predict what the problem may be and provide a solution.

    “Audio Application in Action” Please respond to the following:

    • Imagine that you are building a Website for a popular international music store. The owner wants to play an audio clip featuring the musical instrument of the month on their home page. Determine how you would add audio to the page so that it is compatible with most browsers, including older ones.
    • HTML5 defines multiple attributes for the <audio> element. Identify an industry (bank, car wash, grocery store, travel site, etc.). Describe some of the attributes that would prove beneficial to a Website for that industry. Explain how those attributes could be used and what value they would add.

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