data analysis 24

Dear Robert,

Good morning! I hope this message finds you well. I have a very important question for you: I have to do the milestone #3 and I’m trying to figure it out how to use the Data that I have been collected. I have data of 22 people (sample) and the majority did not recycle their cooking/fry oils. but also I have the City Recycling data per year of how many pounds of cooking oils were collected and processed to biodiesel per years 2016, 2017 and ytd 2018. I need to know how to proceed with the regression of this data departing from my two previous milestones, here the two files and the two other data information in excel. I would love to do the regresion myself but I need the steps and I need your help and correction. Let’s do this let me try to do the regression after you tell me how and I can send that to you for the corrections and the rest of the Data analysis. Instruct me How to start after you take a look at the data. I also send you the rubrics file. or let me know what would be the best?

Thank you

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