critical reflection 1

Course Description: This course will apply economic principles to analyze human behaviour. Topics include criminal behaviour, legal but risky behaviour, and the behaviour of corporate and public sector organizations.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course you should be able to

  • Engage in critical discussion about how economists analyze decision-making by individuals and organizations.
  • Identify and explain how incentives affect decision-making in the real world.
  • Apply the concepts of marginal benefit and marginal cost to social issues.
  • Predict the unintended consequences that might arise from a given economic policy.
  • Explain how economists measure “welfare” and describe how individual household and firm decisions impact it.
  • Develop analytical skills and written communications skills through writing short papers and discussion posts.、

Critical Reflections and Report:

You will complete a brief questionnaire at the end of each module then use those to write and submit a final critical reflection report of 400 to 500 words. An assignment sheet which will outline instructions, submission details and guidelines will be provided. Critical Reflection Questionnaires must be completed in order to access the Module Quizzes.

• In writing your report, consider the following questions:
– When during this course were you most engaged with learning?
– What contributed to those moments?
– What barriers existed to you learning more in this course?
– How might you overcome those barriers in the future?
– How did the instructor help or hinder your learning in this course? – How did your peers help or hinder your learning in this course?

You do not need to provide an answer to each of these questions in your critical reflection report – these questions have been provided merely as a tool to help get you going with the reflection process.

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