criminology 30

Read Chapter 8. This chapter highlights the two violent Index Crimes known as Aggravated Assault and Rape

According to the Justice Dept.(UCR), aggravated assault is the most frequently reported violent crime. Battery is included in aggravated assault statistics in the UCR. Simple assault is not an Index Crime and thus not included. See data on page 204. Also, take note that today’s definition of sexual battery doen’t require the victim to be a female or that the sexual activity need be intercourse.


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1. What is a clearance rate? Give the formula for calculating it.


2. What is Domestic Violence? Describe the three kinds/types of domestic violence (3 categories of victims)


3. Read the article,The Criminalization of Domestic Violence, on page 227. List and briefly explain at least

(4) CJ interventions used to combat domestic violence.


4. List the 3 major motivations for Rape (sexual battery) as described in the text.