Correlation Discussion

Correlation Discussion

M2 Discussion – Correlation

Correlation describes the relationship between two or more variables. When using correlational data, we describe relationships by using a range of positive 1 to negative 1. A positive 1 is a perfect positive relationship. A change in one variable relates to the same change in the other variable. As variable 1 increases, variable 2 increases by the same amount. A negative 1 means that an increase in variable 1 leads to the same decrease in variable 2. A correlation of 0 means there is no relationship between the two variables.


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You have been hired by your school’s alumni association to study if there is a relationship between college GPA and salary. You have been assigned to identify the relationship or lack of relationship between GPA in college and salary 5 years out of college. You find out the correlation is .35. Explain what that means. Is this a strong correlation? Is it a positive or negative correlation?


Provide a simple explanation of what this data means to the alumni association. Post your response to the Discussion section. Respond to one other student’s post as to whether you agree or disagree with their conclusion and why.

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