characteristics of success for my visionary mark zucherberg

I need someone to writte for me 5 paragraphs Essay about the visionary Mark Zuckerberg and how he got success in his

life and you have to put three characteristics that led to your visionary”s success in the thesis and in each paragraph you have to talk about one of these three characteristics. you have to follow the MLA format in the essay. Double space. size 12. new romance. At least 5 pages and the work cited page should be in separate page in the end. Each paragraph should have one quote from the mindset book by Carol Dweck, but the quote it has to be only from chapter 5 from the book mindset, and the book, Top 10 visionaries that Changed the world by George Ilian. and my visionary is Mark Zuckerberg, and one outside college level source The work cited page should be in separate page at the end.

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