Chapter 12 Group Counseling with Adolescents Discussion

Chapter 12 Group Counseling with Adolescents Discussion

DQ#1 Boundaries and Rules

As the group leader, one of your roles is to go over the rules of the group, and to do so you must develop most of the group rules with the entire group. What two rules will you have for a group of adolescents? Also, please explain issues around boundaries, for example, is it acceptable for group members to contact each other via social media outside of the group? Identify at least three boundary issues that may come forth when providing group therapy to adolescents

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DQ#2 Resistance

Most adolescents do not sign themselves up for group therapy, rather their parents or guardians have made this decision for them. Please explain your role as the group leader in terms of developing trust with adolescent group members. Please also discuss at least two additional concerns that you have for working with adolescents in a group setting.

DQ#3 Groups with Adolescents

Discuss how session length, number in group, and age all play a role in the group counseling experience when working with adolescents.  Provide a detailed example of a group that would be appropriate for adolescents, including the session length, number in group and age of the adolescents. For example, is a 13 year old suitable for a group made up of eight 17 year old adolescents?  What would some potential challenges be when providing group therapy to adolescents and how would you respond?


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