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The author of chapter ten of your text, Elmore (2009), indicates that, far too often, organizations charge in one direction without consulting the research regarding the potential impact of the change. Therefore, Elmore discusses the need for organizations to consult past research to inform change initiatives. Describe a time when your organization initiated a change in policy, procedure, protocol, or structure. Go to the Ashford Online Library (located under the Library link in the left navigation) and read at least one peer-reviewed (research) article regarding best practice in facilitating change in that area. Describe whether the change proposed and/or implemented in your school or district was/is in alignment with what the research says is best practice in that regard. Then describe the outcome of the change initiative and how you felt about the change. How was it a beneficial change for the school and/or for you? How did it affect your work and/or your attitude?

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