Biology Retrieval Retrieval Practice Worksheet

Biology Retrieval Retrieval Practice Worksheet

Retrieval Practice Worksheet

Practice at retrieving new knowledge or skill from memory is a potent tool for learning and durable retention

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Effortful retrieval makes for stronger learning and retention. We’re easily seduced into believing that learning is better when it’s easier, but the research shows the opposite; when the mind has to work, learning sticks better.

Students can practice retrieval anywhere.

Source: Make It Stick; the Science of Successful Learning

Brown, Roediger & McDaniel

Belknap Pres of Harvard University Press; 2014

  1. After reading the article on Retrieval Practice, what did you learn about the way you have been studying? Has your study process been as effective as it could be? Why or Why not?








  1. Which suggested method of retrieval practice do you think would be most effective for you to use? Why?






Using Retrieval Practice

The next unit we will study is about Cell Structure and Function.

In the space below, write a plan for how you will use two methods of retrieval practice while you are doing the work for that unit.