Bio 130:  A Problem-Based Course


Bio 130:  A Problem-Based Course


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This worksheet is the beginning of a project that will be the focus of this class the entire semester.  The first thing that you will be doing, is working on questions that you have about the prompt that follows. As you work through this project worksheet there are a few rules that you should follow:


  • Ask as many questions as you can
  • Do not stop to discuss, judge or answer the questions unless you are told to do so 3) Write down every question exactly as it is stated by the person 4) Change any statement into a question.


Prompt: You have just learned that your 2-year-old child has Cystic Fibrosis.


  • What questions do you have? Please write down as many questions as you can think of as an individual following the rules listed above. You can ask any type of question you can think of.  Do not worry about the quality of the questions. Try to come up with at least 10 questions. At this point the order of the questions does not matter.  
























  • Now look at each of the questions on your list. They probably fall into two categories,


-Closed ended questions that can be answered with yes or no, or with one word -Open ended questions that require an explanation and cannot be answered with yes or no or with just a word or two


Now go back to your list of questions, and determine which of the questions are closed ended and which are open ended.  Mark the closed ended questions with a C and the open ended questions with an O.


  • Now take one of your closed ended questions and attempt to change it to an open ended question and one of your open ended questions and change it to a closed ended question. Write the new and old questions below.














For each pair of questions, which version, open or closed, do you think does a better job getting to the information you are trying to find?  Why?















  • Now, choose the 5 questions that you think are most important from your list. List them below in order of most important to least important.















  • On the next two-page grid, you and your team will compile a list of 12 questions, using 3-4 questions from each member of your group. This is a discussion with all members of your group. You must come up with 12 unique questions….you may not have duplicates. If a question has already been added to the sheet, then go to the next one on your list. Have each person give one question, then go to the next person, and so on. In the end, you can sort and group the questions in any way you want to as a group. 


As the semester progresses, you will a) fill in answers to the questions on the worksheet when you learn the answers in class or from your reading, and b) add additional questions that will further your understanding of the disease. As you fill in each answer to a question, have your instructor look at it; if your answer is complete, your instructor will initial it as complete. 


This worksheet will be collected at the end of the semester and will be worth 25 points. 













Question O / C Answer to Question


Question O / C Answer to Question