beverage operation management assignment one please read and follow htm 49111 assignment pol


Please read and follow the HTM 49111 ASSIGNMENT POLICY GUIDE in completing assignments.  Points will be deducted if the policy guide is not followed.  Please submit your assignment through the BLACKBOARD ASSIGNMENT PAGE by the Due Date per the Calendar Page.  ASSIGNMENT 1 is worth 30 points.


  1. Answer the below questions based on Indiana liquor code.
    • Are minors permitted to enter a restaurant which serves alcoholic beverages?
    • When does proof of age need to be checked in a restaurant which has a bar and also serves alcohol at the table?
    • What are the responsibilities of a manager (or licensee) of a banquet or catering operation for private celebrations (wedding receptions, bar mitzvahs, holiday parties, etc.)?
    • What should this manager do if she knows that minors will be present at the catered event where liquor will be served?


  1. Define the following terms:
    • Third Party Liability
    • Dram shop acts
    • Common Law of Negligence
    • Prudent Person


3.        Someone has just spent the evening at a local bar and goes to bed with a BAC of .25. If the rate of absorption by the liver (burn off rate) is .015% per hour, how long will it take till this person is not considered to be legally intoxicated?


4.         Identify and describe a Minimum of Two (2) Types of Service Techniques that can be used for each of the different beverage alcohol establishments identified below.

                     a.     Lounge or Nightclub

                     b.     Hotel

                     c.    Casino

                     d.     Pro-baseball stadium

                     e.     Catering/Banquet Hall


5.         Research one of the below Groups or Organizations utilizing their Web site. Report in 5-6 paragraphs:

    • What is the purpose of this organization/individual?
    • Do they have a mission statement or purpose on this web-site?
    • Which side of the beverage alcohol moderation/ low-tolerance debate are they on?
    • What facts/studies/expert opinions do they use to support their philosophy?
    • Describe your feelings as a potential server of beverage alcohol on the impact of this organization on you as an individual and as you as a professional and your business.

GAO Study on Effectiveness of 0.08 BAC State Laws

American Beverage Institute


Mothers Against Drunk Driving


MADD- Orange County CA. Chapter


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