Behavior worksheet


Changing a Behavior Worksheet

Choose a goal you want to achieve or a behavior you want to change. For example, it could be a specific behavior, such as an eating habit, managing anger, minimizing procrastination, improving a skill, or how you discipline your children. Be specific in describing the behaviors you want to exhibit, both in the desired goal and in the steps toward that goal.

Based on the information in Ch. 7 of Positive Psychology on designing personal goals and in Ch. 8 on developing self-regulation and self-control, develop a plan to change the behavior and answer the following questions. What is the specific behavior you want to change? (50-100 words) Why would it be a value to stop this behavior or learn a new behavior or skill? (100-150 words) What is your action plan to change your behavior? (250-300 words) How would you know if you accomplished your objectives? (100-150 words)

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