BCCC Biology Coronary Artery Disease Research Paper

BCCC Biology Coronary Artery Disease Research Paper

Step 1: Choose a topic

Why does it interest you?•Anyone famous has the disease?•How was it discovered?• APA format

List 5 features of this type of paper writing

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Step 2: Anatomy and physiology of the disease •What system of the body does it affect•

What organs make up this system?

How do the organs usually function to maintain homeostasis

How does the disease change the functions of the organ?•Are the structures also changed? How

Step 3: Treatments and complications •If the disease is left untreated what happens?•

Which other systems might be affected?•What types of treatments have been tried in the past?•What are the current treatment methods?•What complications arise due to treatment?•Are there any ongoing researches about this disease?

Step 4: Conclusion

Given what you found out in your research, what do you hope for?•Can you imagine any way you can make an input?

•Do you have any final words?

Step 5: Putting it all together, least 4 pages, (about 100 lines, 1200words) •Ensure it has proper APA formatting

•Reference your sources.