Asian Stereotypes TED Talk

Asian Stereotypes TED Talk

1. In the video, why did the participants from the community colleges feel that their college was not part of their identity?

2. What are some different ways that you identify yourself as?

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3. How can we stop the stigma against community colleges?

4. Why is it important to surround yourself around a diverse group of people?

Please post your response and comment on another classmates response.


. 2-Watch the Ted Talk, “I Am Not Your Asian Stereotype,” then answer the following questions:

  1. What is your reaction to the video? Explain your reaction.
  2. Have you had similar experiences as the speaker?
  3. When people think about stereotypes, they may only consider ethnicity but there are also stereotypes against different groups of people like Veterans, Parents, Students with Disabilities, LGBT, ect. How can we help support students who have suffered from stereotypes?
  4. Have you experienced generalizations of living in the high desert? For example, I always hear, “You live in Barstow?!? That’s so far way!!” How do you respond to it?