answer the questions please

1. The first one you need to write a short essay as much as you cane about the effect of the family and how they influence on others and give an examle related to the story In the Footsteps of Crazy Horsewhen his grand father talked to him?

2. Talk about the mirore and the windos from this only 5 to 6 sentences

Everett, C. Windows and Mirrors: Why We Need Diverse Books. Retrieved from…

3. From In the Footsteps of crazy horse when the grand father talked about a story out side the filed not in the boatels file. only 5 to 6 sentences

4. From The House on Mango Street Talk about the image of the author?when he talked about the trees and skin only 5 to 6 sentences

5. American Born Chinese, only 4 to 5 sentences, the last part

why the author talked abut 3 difrent stories and the significant of this page and talk about the pictures also add that jin felt guilty

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