answer the following questions in not less than 150 words each 2

Answer the following questions in not less than 150 words each. Make sure the document is APA formatted. Minimum two (2) sources – at least one (1) from a peer reviewed journal.

1. Define the following,
(a) Re-framing explanations
(b) Information is weakness effect
(c) Social bandwidth.
2. Today car-buying customers can enter negotiation armed with accurate facts and figures about a car. Describe how car buyers felt before the age of the Internet.
3. What is framing? How are frames critical in negotiations? How does an outcome frame function in an environmental dispute?
4. Do compliance strategies result in long-term or short-term persuasion? Why?
5. What are the five linguistic dimensions of making threats? Using the five linguistic dimensions, how can the threats be made more credible and compelling?

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