analysis paper should be 2 3 pages

The visual principle of gestalt, pioneered by German Max Wertheimer, is one of great importance in the design world. The statement, “The whole is different than the sum of its parts,” summarizes much of the gestalt theory. In this assignment we’ll explore this statement in detail.

Before you begin writing this analysis paper, find any professional advertising image or a famous piece of artwork that visually displays these four Laws of Perceptual Organization: similarity, proximity, continuation, and common fate (Graphic Design Solutions, Chapter 2). The Image Resources in the Course Materials folder should help you find a good source, or you can search them on the internet.

After analyzing the use of visual Laws of Perceptual Organization, remove one visual element from the image and describe how that may affect viewer perception and the message that is visually communicated in at least one paragraph. Then, remove a second visual element and describe how that further changes the perception of the visual messages and communication in another paragraph.

This analysis paper should be 2-3 pages long, and it should clearly identify the four visual principles of similarity, proximity, continuation, and common fate. Be sure to thoroughly analysis of each of these four visual principles.

Helpful hints: When writing an analysis, consider using these types of analysis questions: How will this visual element affect viewers? What if this visual element was not there, or what if it was different? How would that affect viewers perception? How is this visual element effectively promoting the ideas or the products in the image/artwork? Why is it important to use this visual to strategically attract the eyes of viewers? How might this visual be used strategically in my career or life?

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