analyse adolf eichmann s personality 700 words

Write an 700 words essay analysing Adolf Eichmann’s personality from the “person-situationist aspects of personality”. The essay should follow the structure below:

Part1- Henry Murray, Personology theory. (350 Words)

Use Henry Murray (1938) Personology theory to analyse Eichmann’s behaviour.

  • Briefly explain Henry Murray’s theory about the “needs” and “environment press”.
  • Use Murray’s theory to analyse Eichmann’s behaviour during Second World War and Nazi Party. What type of inner needs (such as Dominance, Harm-avoidance, Order, etc. ) and what kind of environment had forced Eichmann to become a Jew killer?

Part2- Obedience, Conformity and Authority. (350 Words)

Use Asch conformity experiment and Stanley Milgram experiment to analyse Eichmann’s personality.

  • Explain the two factors (group size and unanimity) that influence conformity according to Asch (1951).
  • Use examples to show that how Eichmann’s behaviour was influenced by “group size and unanimity”.
  • Explain the similarity between Eichmann’s and the participants in the Stanley Milgram experiment. What kind of people tend to obey the authority.

Please include the references in the APA style.
Please find some materials in the attachment.

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