adolf eichmann s personality traits and biography 1500 words

Write an essay about Adolf Eichmann’s life and his personality following four main parts as below:

Part1: Who is Adolf Eichmann?

Who is Adolf Eichmann? What is his importance for Nazi, Jew and World War II?
Concluding: Why is it important to analyse Eichmann personality? What benefit will it brings?

Part2: Adolf Eichmann’s life before the Nazi Party.

How is his early life, education and career?
What is his personality traits before he joined the Nazi Party?
Concluding: How childhood experiences might shape his personality?

Part3: Adolf Eichmann‘s life during the Nazi Party.

What’s his role in Hitler rule? How good was he in his office work?
What were distinctive marks that Eichmann had
Concluding: What are Eichmann’s personality traits during this period?

Part4: Adolf Eichmann‘s life after the Second World War.

Where did he go and how he was captured?
Brief introduction of Eichmann trial in Jerusalem.
How is Eichmann performance in the trial?
Concluding: What kind of personality traits of Eichmann that could be observed from the Jerusalem trial?

* Please included the references following the APA style.
The attachment could be one of the sources of the essay.

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