Milgrims Obedience to Authority Experiment

Milgrims Obedience to Authority Experiment


Stanley Milgrim conducted a research study on obedience and authority. During the experiment, 40 males were participants, and they were told the investigation focused on the relationship between punishment learning and memory (Hopper, 2019). The participants were assigned the role of a teacher and a student. In his experiments, the study participants were instructed to deliver increasingly high voltage shocks on a person in another room whenever they answered the questions asked wrongly. This person acted as an actor and would scream then go silent the more the shocks grew stronger. The study participants were meant to believe the shocks were real, but in a real sense, they were not real. Milgram used the experiment because he wanted to taste how human beings are willing to obey given orders from the authority.

Risk, benefit, and ethical concern

But the risk involved in this experiment was that the participants were not informed about the dangers of volunteering for the study and the ethical concern was the degree of deception. The extent to which human beings will go to obey the orders from authority. The benefit of the study was that it showed to what extent human beings

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